Cosmetic Products Recall in Canada - April 2017

The following recalled products were reported in April 2017.

The product recall due to the phenol

Phenol and the phenolic compound is a prohibited Hotlist ingredient. Phenolic compounds are known as skin sensitizer and can produce chemical burns (corrosive action) to the skin.

The product recall due to biological contamination - Achromobacter aegrifacienes/insuavis

These bacteria can pose a risk to people who have certain health problems, such as cystic fibrosis, haematological and solid organ malignancies, renal failure and compromised immune systems. Possible adverse effects can include pneumonia, bacteremia, urinary tract infections, and skin/soft tissue infections.

The product recall due to the preservative methylisothiazolinone (MI)

Methylisothiazolinone (MI) is restricted under Food and Drug Act/The Cosmetic Regulation by Health Canada. MI is a strong sensitizer which may pose a significant risk of inducing allergic reactions and skin irritation.




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