Product Recall Summary - Canada, May to July 2017

Business are familiar with the mandatory requirements and rulemaking on product safety which governing by the federal agents including CPSC and FDA. When the product being distributing across the border, however, they may not aware the particular lawful requirements of Canada.

In last three months, several product recalls are reported. The causes of violation are due to the specific mandatory requirements of Canada Consumer Products Safety Act (CCPSA), Canada Food and Drug Act (FDA) and Canada Toy Regulations.

The product recalls due to the containment/residual of boric acid

The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act prohibits the manufacture, importation, advertisement or sale of a toy that does not meet the requirements set out in the Toys Regulations and other applicable regulations under the Act. The Toys Regulations state that toys must not contain boric acid or salts of boric acid where the acid or its salts can become accessible to a child during use.

Cosmetic, skin care and personal care product recalls due to violation of a prohibited Hotlist ingredient

Differentiating to the Federal FD & C Act, Canada requests the cosmetic product must be free from a prohibited hotlist of ingredient under the Cosmetic Regulations.

To learn more about the Canada Consumer Products Safety Act and Canada Cosmetic Regulations, you can vist the official website of Health Canada at or contact our business manager and customer services agents.




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